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Transmission and Distribution

The products of CEARCA for the transmission and distribution sector include cables for aerial transmission in high, medium and low voltage, aerial distribution in medium and low voltage and underground distribution in low voltage, manufactured under local and international norms and according to own specifications Of customers.

Products of heading

Pre-assembled Cable in Aluminum
Cables for Air Lines
Concentric Cables
Protected for M.T. Cable
Nude Aluminum Alloy Conductors
Nude Aluminum Conductors with Steel Soul

Industry and Infrastructure

CEARCA's products for the Industry and Infrastructure sector include power and control cables manufactured under the main local and international standards as well as customized products for various special applications, such as mining, petroleum and petrochemicals and renewable energies.

Products of heading

Hard Copper Naked Conductors
Copper or Aluminum Underground Cable
Command Copper Cable and Signaling
Halogen Free Underground Cables

Residential and Commercial

CEARCA's range of products aimed at the Residential and Commercial Market for the distributors and installers segment and includes, among others, residential cables in PVC and LSOH thermoplastic material for low voltage and high safety against fire, for the distribution of electrical energy to and within residential and commercial structures.

Products of heading

Flexible Unipolar Copper Cable
Unipolar Copper Cable in Halogen Free